Allegra Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy Management

The Allegra Pharmacy solution is a sharp instrument in the hands of agile progressive thinking pharmacists in a volatile market where the margins of traditional pharmacies’ business is under pressure. Allegra assist pharmacies to capitalize on service orientated patient care offerings. We also facilitate access to alternative revenue streams in non-traditional health segments such as loyalty programs and life insurance.

What makes the Allegra platform different?

Allegra is not merely a dispensing solution but a total pharmacy environment business solution, constantly evolving and tailor-made to extract profit from a changing industry where profits are very lean and where blunt instruments just do not cut it anymore.

The Allegra Pharmacy solution consists of the following modules: Dispensing module, Procurement and Inventory Management, Patient Profiles, Configuration, Point of Sale, Financial Management, Business Intelligence Extracts, SMS System, Practice Management, WellScreen and the Allegra Switching module.

Value Proposition of the Allegra Pharmacy Solution:


Developed by a pharmacist for pharmacists, and from years of experience in Total Patient Care solutions, The Allegra Dispensing module assists in the management of multi branch pharmacy structures, keeping processes consistent, and improves inventory management.

The Allegra Dispensing module streamlines dispensing, procurement, financial and other operational procedures. It reduces multi branch complexities by optimizing workflows and automates repetitive functions currently performed by pharmacists.

The Allegra Dispensing module frees up your staff to care for your patients’ needs and allows pharmacists to practice pharmaceutical care profitably.