Enabling Universal Access to Healthcare

Allegra VirtualCare at the forefront of supporting chronic disease management. Allegra healthcare technology - assisting healthcare practitioners to provide more South Africans with access to doctor consultations to manage their hypertension. Countrywide lockdowns, social distancing, and the fear of getting exposed to COVID-19, has pushed more people to use technology to keep safe. Global statistics show a 65% increase in medical apps downloaded in January 2020. Allegra’s Healthcare technology usage is no different and also experienced a dramatic increase in uptake and usage.
Allegra’s leading healthcare practice management solution, AllegraCare, is used in over 800 clinics including 150 independent nursing practices. These practices deliver primary healthcare services to the communities they serve, and most importantly have been the first point of contact for virtual consultations between a nurse practitioner, patient and doctor.
Virtual consultation trends from Allegra’s VirtualCare data (AllegraCare is fully POPIA compliant) shows that chronic diseases are commonly treated within these clinics. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the leading causes of heart disease and strokes, responsible for 13% of all deaths globally. In South Africa, more than 1 in 3 adults live with high blood pressure causing 1 in every 2 strokes and 2 in every 5 heart attacks according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in South Africa.
Virtual consultations from VirtualCare enabled pharmacies - or independent Primary Healthcare clinics offer patients a consultation with a multidisciplinary team as well as having the option of getting basic pathology tests done to ensure optimal management of chronic diseases, including hypertension. Accessibility of healthcare in a safe and convenient way, now more than ever, has become a key priority for many people in South Africa and VirtualCare is taking care of that need. Patients no longer have to postpone their follow-ups or to seek medical advice for diseases like hypertension. If, as a patient you require a prescription from a medical doctor visit your pharmacy or independent clinic and ask for a VirtualCare consultation.
"If you are a healthcare practitioner and need practice management software that enables VirtualCare, a complete integrated patient record, and both financial and clinical data switching, contact Allegra today."
Allegra VirtualCare is available through Corporate pharmacy groups; Alpha Pharm, ArrieNel, Essential Health Pharmacy Group, The Local Choice. Allegra VirtualCare can also be found at independent clinics, such as Storks Nest Femina, Parentwood.
For any PR or Media related queries Contact: Ms Mologadi Ramushu Allegra Healthcare Management mologadi@allegra.co.za
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