PathPro - Breaking Barriers in Healthcare

In a groundbreaking move to redefine healthcare accessibility, AllegraCare proudly introduces PathPro, a software module designed to seamlessly integrate phlebotomy and pathology services into pharmacies across South Africa. This innovative addition to our health tech portfolio is not just another product but a clear action to show our commitment to transforming healthcare.
Why PathPro? PathPro addresses a critical gap in traditional pharmacy software solutions. Including PathPro, a basic pathology module that is integrated into our pharmacy practice management solution is a game-changer for pharmacies and patients. Acknowledging that pharmacies are a convenient, one-stop healthcare provider not only for medication, virtual consultations and health assessments but now also for phlebotomy services.
Who Benefits? PathPro benefits not only patients seeking a convenient experience but also pharmacists, nurses, and medical aids - the entire healthcare ecosystem.
Pharmacists and Nurses could earn new revenue by offering in-pharmacy phlebotomy services integrated into one platform. Attracting new patients and potentially turning them into loyal repeat customers for other pharmacy services.
Having sight of relevant pathology results and clinical information at the point of dispensing allows for informed medication decisions and pharmaceutical care.
Medical Aids, managed care organizations The extended trading hours of pharmacies and the accessibility of their clinic services contribute to the convenience medical aids can offer their members. What is easier than for medical aid members to get blood work done at a pharmacy in their community! Regular monitoring of chronic conditions often includes pathology tests. Referring members to the closest pharmacy to have blood drawn increases the number of members complying timeously with their treatment plans.
"PathPro is a significant leap in accessibility, efficiency, and patient-centred care."
The Power of Allegra’s Network One unique aspect that sets PathPro apart is its integration into AllegraCare, our comprehensive pharmacy and clinic solution. Leveraging our established pharmacy nurse network, in both corporate and independent pharmacies, makes the roll-out of PathPro simple and easy. Giving all Allegra’s digitally connected pharmacies access to PathPro.
How does it Work? Lab request forms and pathology results are digitally available. PathPro streamlines the in-clinic phlebotomy and pathology process. Ultimately results will seamlessly integrate into the patient’s electronic health record at a pharmacy, providing valuable insights for informed medication dispensing. What is the Vision for PathPro
“Our objective for PathPro is to become the pathology module of choice in a pharmacy or nurse-run clinic environment," affirms Isolde Paul a senior account manager for pharmacy and independent nurse-run clinics at Allegra. "The vision goes beyond numbers; it’s a world where every pharmacy is equipped to provide essential phlebotomy services, transforming the way healthcare is delivered”. Isolde and her team have had great success empowering pharmacists and nurses, and they are eager to continue this journey with PathPro.
Join us in Transforming Healthcare PathPro is not just a product; it is increasing convenience and patient-centric healthcare solutions. It shows Allegra's commitment to connect, grow, heal. We invite pharmacists, and nurses to embrace this transformative journey with us.
"Elevate your Pharmacy with PathPro: Simplifying Phlebotomy, Transforming Patient Care."
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