Keep in touch with patients through VirtualCare! VirtualCare offers you the opportunity to expand your services and medical aids are reimbursing Virtual consultations.

COVID 19 second wave risk impacts on your clinic income potential. 

 You can reduce the risk by using VirtualCare to eliminate the need for in-person pharmacy or clinic visits. VirtualCare allows for seamless connection with patients from the comfort of their home . You could also use VirtulCare in your pharmacy or clinic to deliver an end to end service including a consultation with a doctor. More and more medical aids are reimbursing these services! 

Patients can connect digitally to your clinic via VirtualCare in their medical aid and other mobile applications and do a telehealth consultation with you or the Registered Nurse practitioners employed by the pharmacy.

Additional product features
HealthFindr Online Diary

HealthFinder prepares your practice for the future, with smarter appointment scheduling software. HealthFindr diary enables patients to find you, on their mobile application. You can set up your HealthFindr diary according to the consultation types you offer e.g. VirtualCare consultations, Immunizations, Wellness assessments, General Check-up etc.

Online Consultations

Patients love it, Doctors want it, assisting you to stay relevant. Improved Coordination of Care with VirtualCare™, available to you through our software for free. VirtualCare™ is an essential extension of your services that patients are expecting.

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