AllegraCare offers health, fitness and weight management assessment services to members of various medical schemes and loyalty programs.

Focus on providing the healthcare that your patients need and let AllegraCare for Biokineticists streamline all the services you provide.

Wellness Web: This module enables you to deliver weightloss managment, health and fitness assessments for various medical schemes and loyalty programs from wherever you are.

HealthFindr Booking System: Is an electronic diary designed for use by any healthcare practice, to effectively manage appointments, events and meetings.

Real-time Financial Claiming: This is a benefit for your patients and your practice. Run a benefit check to know if there are funds available to reduce your financial risk. 100% Real-time claiming.

Additional product features
HealthFindr Online Diary

HealthFinder prepares your practice for the future, with smarter appointment scheduling software. HealthFindr diary enables patients to find you, on their mobile application. You can set up your HealthFindr diary according to the consultation types you offer e.g. VirtualCare consultations, Immunizations, Wellness assessments, General Check-up etc.

Online Consultations

Patients love it, Doctors want it, assisting you to stay relevant. Improved Coordination of Care with VirtualCare™, available to you through our software for free. VirtualCare™ is an essential extension of your services that patients are expecting.

Financial Claiming

This module is a benefit for your patient and your practice. Run a benefit check to know if funds are available to reduce your financial risk. 100% real-time claiming.


Start your journey with your patient with WellScreen. Multiple integrations allow health risk assessments to reach funders including Discovery Vitality.


Introducing PathPro, a first for pharmacy, software module within AllegraCare that empowers pharmacies to seamlessly offer phlebotomy as a clinical service. Imagine lab request forms available digitally, results accessible at your fingertips—all from the familiar software you've trusted for years. With PathPro, we've not only streamlined the phlebotomy process but elevated patient care. Now, pathology results seamlessly integrate into the patient's electronic health record, providing pharmacists with crucial insights for informed medication dispensing. It's efficiency, precision, and innovation—all in one. Elevate your pharmacy with PathPro: Simplifying Phlebotomy, Transforming Patient Care.

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